What is Eureka?

The November Research Group Eureka™ product provides a quick and easy way to create HTML, Excel and PDF output from Oracle Argus Safety and Insight, including Argus Safety Japan. Designed to complement and extend the native query and reporting features of Argus, Eureka includes a simple and powerful search module, an ad hoc line listing viewer, and an ad hoc cross tabulation viewer, designed for non-technical business users and power users alike.

Eureka, the next generation of the November Research Group’s WebReports software, enables pharmacovigilance professionals to search and visualize case data. Eureka includes a powerful search module to ­find cases of interest, an ad hoc line listing viewer to display desired columns for any data set, and a cross-tabulation viewer to provide up to two-by-two tabular summarizations of case data.


Eureka has numerous search functions to make reports easier.

Powerful Search Module

Simple and powerful search module allowing non-technical users easy access to case data.

Save your searches

Searches can be saved and reused, creating a library of powerful and useful data access tools.

Cross Argus Functionality

Resulting case lists can be saved as Hit Lists and leveraged in other Argus functions.

Eureka efficiently manages data and expresses them seamlessly.

Data Summary

  • Summarize the search results, an existing hit list, or the entire database
  • Create summary tabulations with data elements of your choosing
  • Summarize the data by MedDRA terms, expectedness, and other criteria
  • Save the report details to create a library of standard summary tables


  • Select from any of the fields in Argus Safety, including user-defined fields
  • Drag-and-drop interface to select the fields of interest and control their order and labels in the output
  • Dozens of derived variables (including company custom derivations) simplify the presentation of adverse event and process metrics data
  • Line listing layouts can be saved as templates for future use
  • Sort, filter and group dynamically to refine the display of the data
  • Output can be produced in HTML, Excel or PDF formats

Additional Features

  • Available in English and Japanese
  • Seamlessly integrates with Argus, no ETL programming required
  • Supports Oracle Argus Safety, including multi-tenant installations, and Oracle Argus Insight
  • Modern web interface
  • Leverages Argus security settings to ensure appropriate data access
  • Uses standard open-source HTML, XML, and XSL-FO technology
  • Includes a full Installation Qualification and Validation kit

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